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Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 07:00 AM
TheO has spent the last few days at home. He has managed to develop a nasty cough and a cache of mucus that he can only have been secretly storing since birth. The local Doctor has prescribed everything possible, however this may be something to do with his ownership of the local Pharmacy. Personally, I can't see how corn plasters will help his chest!

As always we move forward, we have planned his 'proper' christening in a local church. Agreed date is 16/06/2007 @ 16:30. It will be a short Mass followed by TheO's visit to the Font! The local church where this will happen is by Richard England, a modern architect with a thing, it would seem, for Dali!

As the little lad had been at home a bit more, the good lady has invested in some educational plastic to keep him busy. His 'laptop' can keep him really busy for about 3 minutes. I am currently teaching him to say 'No Wi-Fi Daddy'

It slowly dawns on TheO that Mummy didn't buy him a Mac! tsk


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