This IS British Summertime, right? 
Friday, July 27, 2007, 11:53 AM
We have left behind the clear blue seas and skies and swapped all this for the swamps of the UK. Fortunately, Surrey is pretty much unscathed but in any case, TheO did have his water-wings. The moderate temperature here is a pleasant escape to the baking heat of Malta which has been in the 40's, this and I look like a school boy in shorts!

The little lad has been loving the change, although as blondes are more common here, I think he misses the attention from passers by who he normally greets with a wave and a “Ciao” He particularly enjoys his Grandma's garden which see's him racing around, picking fruit (too early) and attempting to climb trees.

We have all planned to be here for about three/ four weeks, after which we plan to drive back over Europe in a new(ish) car. This has to be the reason for bringing the water-wings!!

Somebody's been scrumping...


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