The big B'mer blowout! 
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 09:40 AM
As the title suggests, the great white BMW is no more. The head gasket blew on the way to Lincoln to see a good chum! He sold me the car so it seemed only natural to try and get my money back. The little lad had no comment other than to indicate to me that I was a twat for doing a ton in it.

As plans are made to upgrade the transport and leave before the end of summer, we have managed to leave everything to the last moment. Many friends are left unseen with poor promises of 'yeah, defiantly Friday' fresh on the lips. TheO has had a great time meeting people and making new friends only for his Ma & Pa to wisk him away to some Island in the Mediterranean before he can 'borrow that toy'

Next week looks like the most probable departure date. I have made a point of obtaining a copy of National Lampoons European Vacation for the good lady to view, hopefully it will contain good advice on travel plans!

A nervous glance to confirm lolly ownership!


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