The Cat's away, the Mice will play! 
Thursday, January 31, 2008, 09:18 AM
I have managed to escape the confines of the Island for a week, the good lady has been left alone with the 'Terror Tot' and CoCo, the Yorkshire Terrier that 'wee's' a lot. When I say wee's a lot, what I really mean is that at each single, available flippin opportunity, the dog cocks his leg. Its like having a water pistol straining on a leash. Obviously the work involved in catering to the needs of a small boy and a constantly urinating canine are quite considerable. We desperately await the return of the outlaws, particularly as they may well have some tasty Vino from down under!

I do, of course, hear in detail of TheO's development and charming personality. I fully understand that 'picking everything up of the floor four times a day' is going to get un-funny at some point, but the better half doesn't want to cramp the creativity, which of course is important, ahem. I am just glad that he persists in his flamboyant and outgoing personality, despite the cleaners weekly bill.

Somewhat in your face.


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