A right proper splashing to be had! 
Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 04:51 AM
TheO's appointment with higher orders approaches. More worryingly, so too are some of the relatives, venturing to sunny St Paul's Bay for a few days respite as well as a christening. This has caused an outbreak of 'in-law hysteria' which can get quite serious if left unattended. Not one for being attentive, I am trying to sort everything out 'Condoleezza Rice' stylee but know a difficult scenario when encountered. I think we need more Gin for the occasion.

So to the little lad! He now shouts 'ciao bella' to anybody who will listen, and this is followed by blowing kisses. He must get this from the good lady, as he takes so long leaving a shop with all his goodbyes! Favourite film is now Cars. He always knows the bit when Mack nearly falls asleep!!

TheO adds some 'Roo Bars' for extra Truck effect CaChow!!
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Error 404 - file not found 
Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 07:00 AM
TheO has spent the last few days at home. He has managed to develop a nasty cough and a cache of mucus that he can only have been secretly storing since birth. The local Doctor has prescribed everything possible, however this may be something to do with his ownership of the local Pharmacy. Personally, I can't see how corn plasters will help his chest!

As always we move forward, we have planned his 'proper' christening in a local church. Agreed date is 16/06/2007 @ 16:30. It will be a short Mass followed by TheO's visit to the Font! The local church where this will happen is by Richard England, a modern architect with a thing, it would seem, for Dali!

As the little lad had been at home a bit more, the good lady has invested in some educational plastic to keep him busy. His 'laptop' can keep him really busy for about 3 minutes. I am currently teaching him to say 'No Wi-Fi Daddy'

It slowly dawns on TheO that Mummy didn't buy him a Mac! tsk
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Left a bit, right a bit, wooooo 
Wednesday, May 16, 2007, 05:04 AM
TheO has been telling me about the building that is being pulled down opposite the in-laws. Three guys, one hard hat and a big drill. He was a bit concerned that the project was so badly planned that the whole thing would collapse on some hapless Latvian. He was right and it did, but onto a crane drivers cabin. The young mans 'old man' was there to get a published picture exclusive! Unbelievably no one was hurt! (badly)

Maltese Jenga in action, woops, not that one Mr Vella!

The temperature has increased even further as well as the little lads IQ! He is now smart enough to protest when we take him for 'playtime' at the germ factory, and able to identify animals on sight, woo-woo = dog, quack = duck, moo = cow, sssssssss = snake etc He has also learnt to blow rasberries, I think this has a special meaning though…

TheO scours the post for his Nobel prize notification.

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fear Ye not! 
Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 04:00 PM

man on a mission...[/]
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One small spin for mankind... 
Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 04:32 AM
Malta is a small island and after a little time exploring, it can become quite limiting. In many ways. It's a bit like an antiquated seaside town, past it's prime and slightly neglected. Not too much to do for an active TheO with a hyper-investigating mind. The old local swings could cause an injury worse than a Korean Cat-Bike so it therefore seems quite natural to encourage the little lad to play at home. Despite the huge expanse of the rolling penthouse, the terrace has become quite small for such an inquiring mind. Games that the cheeky chap like to play include:

Over the Edge! - Things that bounce when dropped from five floors up.
The Plunge! - How many things can you fit down the toilet.
What's in the Cupboard? - Who cares, it's coming out!
Toothpaste - Find the hidden toothpaste and squirt it everywhere!

It's like a round of 'It's A Knockout' in our very own flat! One can not have enough plastic to keep the boy happy (not the Visa type) so as well as the games, domestic appliances have become part of the playground. However I will be making sure that 'Visiting The North Pole' doesn't become a firm favourite!!

What do you mean, no buses after 8.30?
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The Easter Break 
Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 02:38 PM
This whole thing is like a cross country race that never finishes, I'm always knackered and there really are not too many (any) chances to lie in, sit around, look at the wall or plan a decent night out at the pub (there are only bars). The temperature has started to rise over here as have the increased frequency of tourists from Yorkshire in their sixties and Dutch people who look as if they regret deciding on that 3 star in Buggiba instead of the all inclusive in Thailand. The look of regret eh! Ha.

Regardless. With the little lads progression from static to moving object, both the good lady and I are on constant eye patrol. The Easter break was spent taking the young man to all the local customary festivitiies and chain pulling that makes this such a joyous time. We managed Sunday lunch in an exquisite neck of the woods, surrounded by fantastic yachts and restaurants, but the prodigal son just wants to climb stairs and shout at people, in a friendly way of course. More wine waiter…

Just what was needed, lots of chocolate for Theo….

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