Not the best of ideas!!  
Monday, September 5, 2011, 11:20 AM
Posted by Administrator
Amusing your children with mobile phone gadgetry can have serious implications on your airtime, phone usage, life and eventual happiness! This is no overstatement. The first born expressed an interest in the cartoon Spiderman, this led to the acquisition of a Spiderman Game for my Nokia N8. Big mistake! Ever since this 'bad move' I am constantly harassed for use of my communication devise, asked to 'help' at difficult levels and subject to reprimanding by the good lady for spoiling the potential grey matter in the developing child. It has also fueled a latent infatuation with the web spinning Super Hero to the extent that TheO now dresses as Spiderman most days, demanding anything spotted bearing the Marvel heroes image. Plates, posters, even Spiderman perfume. It wouldn't be so bad if the latest addition didn't also squeeze in a request for Pingu, an emergency calming measure to engage and distract from boredom when restaurant time was needed. I can now only use my phone as an alarm clock. This I hear most mornings ringing in TheO's room, despite having left it next to my bed. Mmmm!

Not even Angry Birds can distract the web slinger!

Louyn progresses and is on the cusp of intelligent speech with an array of words (almost) added daily to the vocabulary! Perhaps Pingu is not the best linguistic role model to introduce, but certainly we get a very definable 'Honk Honk' whenever the little chap is feeling mischievous. At the terrible two stage, he does have some moments, but no more than his big brother did, or perhaps has! Currently very much into mobile communication devices, hitting things with a stick, drawing on walls and feeding the Rabbit using the 'scatter seed' method. Also, it must be noted that he loves to have his picture taken, despite the London sultry look.

A relaxed Lou hanging out!

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Take it to the bridge... 
Monday, July 11, 2011, 06:01 AM
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Summer is well and truly here. Tourists abound the streets and children run amuck as if they don't have school to attend, which of course they don't! That's why they invented Summer School! Three weeks should be time enough to enjoy swimming, walking and picking up stuff of the floor till the respite alleviates a gasping for quiet time! It's a fantastic time to enjoy all the island has to offer at this scorching period. The family has moved to the Qawra flat for a short 'pretend' holiday to be close to the sea and beaches, whilst attempting normal relations with work.

TheO has had massive adventures with a new inflatable boat! So large it barley fits into the car, the only option is to inflate at the beach. I am now verbally promised to six 'try dives' and a return visit to the gift shop to buy everything! My lungs act as compulsive negotiators! As the little lad falls off the side (of the boat) with mask and snorkel, mastered eventually, I am reminded of Cousteau. "Perhaps we name her Calypso" I remark. Too late, already under!

Louyn is inflating nicely despite his determined demand for a liquid diet! Whilst this could be a genetic demand, his is of a bovine variety. It seems to be problematic to get him to consume anything other than a liquid dairy derivative. However, close to talking, I'm sure he has requested I slip a scotch into his semi-skimmed! Such a determined and switched on chap. He is convinced that everything he says should be understood, looking at me with utter bewilderment, my face blank 'sorry, what was that?'

They were really having fun untill I requested a picture!
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Lou Two! 
Sunday, June 5, 2011, 08:00 AM
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Louyn is Two! Marking this rather important milestone, a grand picnic was thrown at one of the local open parks, thus capitalizing on the good weather and wide open space. The event did however coincide with another large event, and thus Louyn's special day was supported by a kids area with slides, bouncy things and motorized farm animals that circulated a small enclosure. As this event was Earth Garden, there was obviously plenty of incense, jewelry and Shiva replica statues available for purchase. There was also lots, of like, really colorful things for sale and stuff. Ahem!

Louyn had a great day with lots of his friends to help him get through the mountains of Cup Cakes and other unhealthy fayre that toddlers love to indulge in! It did not however give him the inclination to smile for the camera, preferring to get stuck into a good cardboard box space station. Remarkable imagination or perhaps it wasn't a joss stick...

Two today!

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Technological roundup! 
Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 07:57 AM
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Trying to explain to the boys the recent downtime was met met with little sympathy. Issues that created a loss of blog visibility and service provider liquidations prompted only a bad joke about fruit smoothies and the instructions to sort it out, pronto! Protesting that the Super Highway is often besieged by Cowboys only complicated the matter but allowed a topical image to be thrown in.

Much has occurred since the post below. A weekend in Comino for Tennis, the demise of Coco the dog and the final moments of the Hyundai Accent (a VRT failure with the cost of necessary repairs exceeding vehicle value) I know that we will all miss the Accent, the squeaky wheel, the constant demand for Oil, the lack of any suspension that gave it 'low rider' character and of course the collective appearance of living in trailer!

Both boys functioning well with plenty of uptime. Playing together and creating havoc en-mass. TheO now into Hexbugs and Battle Strikers in a big way. Not sure if it's a good idea to feed these infatuations, but it keeps him busy. His current demand is that he is to be a champion Battle Striker and for this reason he must have the whole set. I'm currently on the lookout for something that is singularly unique and does not have anything to collect, add to or come in a series.

Louyn is almost on the verge of making legible sentences. Sounding like a drunk local, I fear great demands on the way. He seems to have characteristics from the good ladies side of the family. He can be quite bullish and when flare-ups occur on the playground, he is the first to wade in and sort out the five year olds. Perhaps a black suit and tie would complement TheO's apparent body guard! Till then, we have a plastic pump action shotgun and a lolly pop!

Local posse!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 08:58 AM
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The air is full of constant chattering. Some understandable, some a mess of grunts and moans that possibly once recorded and played backwards, could bear a possible resemblance in content to the legible utterances. It's Easter. Forgoing the true meaning of one of the largest events in the Christian calendar, the main emphasis of recognisable dialogue is Tom & Jerry and the Easter egg that features the duo, available at the local supermarket. More than likely, the first born is after the contents whilst the recent addition wishes to consume the packaging and paste the inedible pulp over the TV screen. A favourite venture with Peanut Butter sandwiches.

There is also the time factor to consider. The end of term has brought with it the holidays, Hooray! A break from very early mornings, runs in the car, packed lunches and the eventual pickup. This available time has now been taken up with trying to amuse two motivated children whilst chipping sandwiches off the TV screen. Thus looking forward to the start of the next academic term for normality and routine. The good lady has taken a short respite to care for the boys and take them on days out, whilst I sheepishly attempt escape citing work issues!

TheO developing into a big boy and conversing to extremities. Has been immersed into the world of Hot Wheels and the cartoon series spin off, Battle Force 5. Whilst the Pokémon phase seems to have eased, it lurks still, waiting for to be kicked into life by the merest of references!

Louyn has developed a determined characteristic! Demanding Bo (milk) and shunning his smiley face potatoes, he fortunately has a liking for Broccoli and redecorating! Most content with a pile of books or an empty box!

Boys together!

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Spacemen Versus Aliens! 
Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 04:54 AM
Posted by Administrator
Carnival has once again seized the population into a frenzy of altered egos and wannabe Superheroes. With a little more foresight we could well have managed Laurel & Hardy or Butch & the Kid but decided on that pictured below. Yes, a Spaceman and an Alien. Both boys were thrilled to parade the streets of the Capital amongst thousands of Zoros's and Cowboys! At least a small degree of originality prevailed!

Boys way off course...

Both humanoids growing like wildfire. TheO seems to be outgrowing clothing before he has even had time to try them on. Such rapid growth has created a leaner, more lithe being! Faster and far more difficult to catch! Currently taken with the old TV series 'Monkey' He has yet to comment on the terrible dubbing!

The latest creation remains an eating and expanding entity. Understanding requests and retorting with yes and no to most of these. Most of all enjoying creating total havoc in his brothers room and chewing Pokemon.
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