The Bulls Head is now a Jewellers. 
Sunday, October 30, 2005, 12:20 PM
So, with the news that's Jnr is in good health, what do you do? Go to Oxford Street for a shopping spree, naaa, head towards Brent Cross for Waitrose and John Lewis, naaa. We went to Mellieha Bay for some serious crystal clear. Now I know what those rapper chaps are going on about… As you can see below, the wife looks 'well happy' with her rapidly expanding 'tum' and visit to the beach. Leaving all this behind for a week now as I fly back to London for a few days, face the music at work and get sacked, surely not. The good lady has me running errands a go – go. Boots, Mother Care, Boots again and then somewhere called Daisy & Tom, I think it's like the Pig & Tatter, but different. I wonder if they still have a pool table?

Isabel @ Mellieha Bay Beach, no Champagne.
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Something I made in infini-D v2.01 in 4D 
Saturday, October 29, 2005, 08:01 AM
One of the benefits of being out in Malta is taking advantage of the private medical industry. Obviously, in a Country such as this, medical bills are going to be greatly reduced compared to the UK where a procedure like a 4D scan would be in the hundreds as opposed to 50 quid here. More beer money for daddy, woof!!

Anyway, words fail me. Below is a 4D scan of the unborn. Perhaps with my nose?!

Jnr at 28 weeks and 4 days, but who's counting...
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Saturday, October 22, 2005, 01:14 PM -
I have been trying to adjust. Really I have. The first week was spent altering my time clock from sitting in traffic in Warrick Avenue to sitting in the still warm, crystal clear waters of Golden Bay. Going from £2.50 a pound to 50p a pound for fresh Tuna, farmed just off Comino. Contemplating my finances as I try to fit in work, to fund this 'typical' Mediterranean lifestyle, and come to terms with the 'I don't like work' ethic!!

Our London life arrived in a box, picked up from a warehouse south of the island. I convinced the father-in-law that my Ikea desk was in fact an Airfix kit, but with screws and wooden bits to hold it all together. He of course still believes to this moment they forgot to pack the wings. Also in this batch of cartons are some shelves. Not quite sure on the work around to get these put up, but will try to integrate with the 'missing' wings story. Other vital items with this consignment were the Bugaboo Frog, best left for assembly later,and a summer Parasol for much later as this too requires some minor effort. Finally, two very large boxes of 'stuff' arrived. Quite what I'm going to do with this I don't know as they really are not into car boot sales over here.

An IKEA aeroplane with wings!!

Jnr is now 27 weeks. At a recent scan we were told again jnr has long thigh bones. I think that means a tall baby!? Have also been attending ante-natal classes at St Lukes *(see below) I enjoyed it today as they showed a decent horror film. Lots of panting and people being opened up. I was told to pay attention.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005, 09:54 AM
After two weeks of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, sticky brown parcel tape, shipping deals, shipping boxes, Stella in an unhealthy quantity, a rapidly increasing weight problem, it's done.

We finally handed over the keys to 8b Heber road after refusing to throw anything away, and dumping Mrs F with possibly the entire contents of four Oxfam shops. This is my last day in London for a while (see below) and the good ladies last for a while. Talking of the better half, it's now into week 25, and she is a bit like an old wooden ship. Creaking. Groaning. Slowly taking on board the new cargo. 'I donna know if she can take it' I think Scotty once said. How true.

Flight out Wednesday noon! More baggage than, well, a baggage shop, and armed with Waitrose dried mango pieces, just in case there's a craving. BIG respect to Keith and Dave. Would have gone totally insane without you!!

A lady packing... ahem
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Move dates: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 08:09 AM -
Dates for moving are as follows:

Empty flat: 1st October 2005

Stay with Mrs Fereday: 1st - 5th October 2005

British Airways get us out of here: 5th October 2005

Back for a bit more: 31st October 2005 - 7th November 2005

Back 9th December 2005 - December 14th 2005

Next planned return 29th April 2006 +1

more later
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Did you see that? It just moved! 
Thursday, September 15, 2005, 12:40 PM
Well, we have now reached the halfway point. Week 21 and all's well. Isabel is now complaining of a number of things I list these in order of grievance.

1. Nothing fits. Well, this doesn't really surprise me. Just about to go out and I'm told that everything Isabel owns, makes her look pregnant. Ahem.

2. It's awake. It's asleep. Put you hand there, I just felt something. So I sit there. Did you feel that? No! Did you feel that? No! Just wait a minute, did you feel that then!? No! This takes place on a regular basis at 9.00am as I'm about to head out for work. I'm just waiting for the day when I do feel 'that' and it's a right hook!

3. Food. I am mean, if you know me, you'll know about this passion of mine. I do not appreciate cravings for a Big Mac even if they do make salads. I do not even really care if it's convenient, fast… whatever. I won't be frequenting these 'restaurants' with Jnr, and I don't expect to start now. Fair point? We went to Burger King instead.

Mother and unborn doing well. Jnr has longer than average legs, a long, as opposed to round, head. And before you ask, we don't know, and won't be asking. m/f

Junior at 21 weeks... can ya see what it is yet?
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