The summer wind-down 
Friday, September 22, 2006, 11:54 AM
The last few weeks have seen many of the nice English tourists who visit St Paul's Bay depart with the closing summer season. These tattooed ambassadors of Blightly will be missed. No longer will I be able to point out to TheO the English football strip on a 20 stone bloke in Nike trainers drinking 15 pints of local lager before breakfast and claiming 'I'm on holiday' They are shortly to be replaced by the over the over 95 crowd in thermals escaping the cooling British temperatures (see previous postings)

The family capitalized on a very kind invitation to spend a few nights in a farmhouse in Gozo. A non stop stream of people joined us and fussed over TheO. He had an abundance of attention and maternal figures very happy to play, hold and feed the little chap. This was a excellent chance to catch a few ZZzzz's. Perfect. Many thanks to you two!!

Back on the mainland and I leave the little lad with his mum. Five minutes after leaving the good lady phones me 'I'm not quite sure what to do' she says. 'I was working on the computer and I turned round to check on 'him' and he was standing up!! I gasped; he realized my surprise and fell over. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself on his return to the floor, but looks like I'll be bubble wrapping the floor tiles too!!

The water cushion effect, we just have to get it into the flat!!


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