The First Steps 
Wednesday, February 28, 2007, 01:21 PM
It appears that bubble wrap is no longer sufficient to protect the off-spring. I have been coerced into spending a small fortune on pieces of plastic that stop cupboard's and draws being opened by small and inquisitive hands! This was rushed through after watching the little lad stand up, open the pantry cupboard, and remove a bottle of MY Heinz ketchup. I dread to think of any potential outcome. What if it had been sausages for dinner?!?

With this and some added trepidation, TheO has taken his first few steps. He was at the out-laws when this happened first, but I fear that this claim is just grandparent rivalry. Apparently, not only were they witness to the first few steps, but also the first drawing, oil painting, sonatta, sonnet and experimental time travel....

So, back in his own home, we watch and applaud as junior stumbles his initial first steps like a man who has had too much Vodka. His crash down onto the tiled floor I fear will initiate another first, that of his first visit to casualty. More bubble wrap please!!

TheO's travel's have started to concern me...


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