Not even Notting Hill! 
Thursday, February 7, 2008, 07:23 AM
Since the new year, Malta has taken on the Euro. Consequently all things have rather strange prices. Things in the one lire shop are now 2.33. The eat as much as you like deal for a fiver is now eat as much as you like for 11.64 which doesn't really sound right. You also get a mass of change back of course. Splitting a tenner has implications of sub-particles by the million, and dont forget to bring a wheel barrow for all the one cent coins that you'll never use.

Another laugh has been the Malta Carnival. I thought I had missed it this year, but the good lady ensured TheO got the full 'dose' and I was at least dragged in at for the last moments. The little lad had a fantastic time!! Jumping, jumping and more jumping. He couldn't get enough. With all his energy, he managed to attract the attention of some of the float dancers, who, I'm sure, also fancied a jump. ahem.

The young mans favourite outfit was an American Indian costume. I thought he would favour the pirate outfit, a daddy thing, but he obviously prefers being on the warpath, just like his mother!

TheO's attempt at 'giving it some'


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