Toying with Southfork! 
Monday, February 25, 2008, 04:39 AM
Since the the return of the outlaws, I had very much hoped that things would return to normal. TheO was a very lucky lad and showered with gifts from the relatives down under. His favourite has to be the 'Bushman/ Stockman' hat. This and a recent interest in the film 'Toy Story' has created a living 'Woody' This has fuelled his equine interest so much that he rides Playmobile horses whilst shouting 'Ye Ha' loudly. He also insists on retiring at night with his hobby Camel (like a horse, but uniquely, a Camel) I am currently trying to teach him to hum the Dallas theme tune and invest in Oil, all this whilst I nurse a black eye.

The little lad is still growing at an alarming rate, out growing recent purchases. Diction is fantastic too, managing to string words into sentences. He now says 'go away' and I totally understand. A recent report arrived from his school telling us he is an excellent student, excelling in singing, and 'looking after his things' JR Ewing would proud!!

Get me some CoCo-Pops Miss Ellie....


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