So, that's three votes for sausages then? 
Monday, March 10, 2008, 05:49 AM
With the world following the American elections, much of the political spotlight is well away from the Malta elections. Nationalist? Labour? perhaps the Alternative Democrats? Take your pick! The electorate have been swayed with after party raves, free transport and possibly some small plastic toys. Corruption is a very big issue within this election with mass accusations across all parties. Everyone however expects it and it seems to be accepted as a normal part of politics.

Some locals with a local type of flag.

Whoever wins, I'm told there will be a frenzy of Car Cading, like no other. If I had thought the England world cup matches were extreme, I was told to wait for 'El Grando' This merrymaking by the winning party will close schools, shops and businesses for the entire day, possibly longer. TheO is oblivious to all this with just a focus on woo woo's, kat's and horses, ye ha.

The little lad currently enjoys the film 'High School Musical' and very much wants to get HIS head in the game as he throws his half size basket ball around the residence. And just as we had said good-bye to the bubble wrap too!

Counting Day finds TheO at the 'Seafood Market', hoping to find some fishy policies!


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