Easter Bobbits! 
Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 06:07 AM
Another Easter is upon us. This is a sombre time of year and, as detailed in
previous entries, one that would more than likely, traumatise TheO
indefinitely if he were to see the lengths committed individuals will go to,
to attain an answered prayer.

Rather than attend these events, we have taken the little lad deep into the
country side to witness the advent of Spring. It's a beautiful sight to
witness a croaking frog, the lush flora, the small streams of H20, and the
discarded bricks and broken tiles from a recent conversion. I just do not
understand fly-tipping in beauty spots.

The young man out for a stroll, kind of...

The little lad is indifferent to the local laws when it comes to dumping,
although at his age, it's a common problem. He made do with collecting some
small, brightly coloured wild flowers on Malta's endangered list, and
prodding a local Frog, rough questioning about the discarded rubble perhaps.

Bank Holiday Monday saw a local pageant with free un-supervised bounces on
the bouncy castle and a fairground ride from the (early) 50's The little lad
of course was one of the best customers!

All the fun of the fairground accident!

TheO's current obsessions are Toy Story 1&2, Bobbits (Rabbits), Dinosaurs and some sort of ninja movements, really not sure where this comes from. Prize for trhe most original answer!


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