Down on the farm! 
Thursday, April 10, 2008, 02:57 PM
The past couple of weeks have been tricky. TheO has been off school on holiday, whilst the good lady has been up to her neck in paper work for her final thesis. Trying times. Thanks to patience and the outlaws, I managed to get a few beers in, but it was very close.

Normality has returned and education has again gripped the little lad for the Summer term. The hallowed halls of academia this week, had him visiting a farm. The build up to this visit consisted of demands for a horse, chicken sounds and bits of Old MacDonald sung really badly. He was, apparently, the only child to embrace the Donkey ride with gusto, refusing to hand back his riding hat at the end of his turn, possibly convinced he could get a few euros for it.

The temperature has started to pick up again after a few weeks of dull weather. With some time now available, the good lady has made beach plans for TheO and work plans for me. The young man currently besotted with Horses, Dinosaurs, Lions and Zebras. Current viewing includes Madagascar and vintage Sesame Street, Cookie Monster provoking a fit of hysterics every time.

The little lad tries to smuggle out a monochromatic friend!


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