What global crisis? 
Thursday, October 23, 2008, 04:49 AM
As detailed in the previous entry below, there are plans afoot to visit our antipodean relatives down-under for Christmas. This has caused a frenzy of activity within the household. Even 'Mum" may be jumping on board. The good lady has committed further time to her commercial activities with a new job on a TV programme, thus leaving me to slowly evolve into a more 'hands on' parent, which is funny, not!

The little lad is back at his school, but this is also causing some angst! He was the youngest last year and due to a technicality , is the oldest this year. He now wonders round his classroom telling other, smaller children 'I'm the daddy' It's not clear where he learnt this. When the the terror tot is not running his extortion racket(s), he has been known to be watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at home. My expensive Italian designer coffee table has become his podium to do the 'Hot-Dog" dance. It's also the launch pad to the heights of the sky when watching Justice League, a cartoon that will distort and ruin any chance of a normal childhood.

It must also be noted the changeable habits of the good lady. Despite a routine etched in concrete, there is a developing pattern of fatigue and unreasonable requests, particularly for food. When a small packet of biscuits were reported missing from a local 'work' cupboard, the little lady was strangely quiet. For those in the 'know' I'm taking her to be checked out!

TheO enlists with the Justice League, with a little help from a bad comp!


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