Save Ferris! 
Thursday, November 20, 2008, 09:21 AM
Life IS moving pretty fast. With Christmas, a trip to England, a trip to Australia and the recent 'irrational purchase', time has increased it's velocity, and prompted a more spontaneous outlook. This and the now confirmed future family addition, requires careful consideration! Australia? May do! Will buy the tickets on the day! Needless to say, TheO is undisturbed by the quandaries and concentrates on his acquisition of the entire range of Ben 10 merchandise. The T shirt, the figures and the boxed DVD sets, (an element of creativity is called for here) and of course the official 'underpants' too!

With the youngster's discovery of communication, he has managed to tell us that his favourite colour is green and that green is for boys! He has also told us that he misses his friends who have escaped to Australia, and wants to go visit! Yes, another pebble for the heavily weighted scales of indecision. At least we'll save on the Christmas postage costs for the cousins!

Despite the fixation for all things 'hero' and 'alien' the youngster has recently enjoyed 'Jimmy Neutron' and some episodes of 'The Simpsons'. Whilst I despair at times of his viewing preferences, it does provide some respite from an overactive infant. Favourite food is noodles with anything (thank the Panda) and Jelly Tots!

The good lady is now approaching the 12 week mark. Still quite early days.
Despite the complications of growing out of everything, life is good!

Eight legs, two hands and ten fingers!

The little lad has managed to thwart my recent attempt to obtain a reasonable picture. Managing to look everywhere, except in the lens, has resulted in the publishing of a 'spider' picture from Halloween. Apologies!


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