Not quite Sri Lanka. 
Friday, March 13, 2009, 09:59 AM
I'm told that having two boys to contend with, is a lot easier than having one. I'm quite sure that I will return to this statement to discuss either from a hospital bed or a secure psychiatric ward awaiting a much deserved lobotomy. Nevertheless, I seem to have entered, and remain in, an energy draining singularity that even Arthur C. Clarke would find mysterious. It would seem that TheO has now reached the age where he appreciates who is in control, and it's sure not his parents. Bedtime has turned into Trampoline time. The only thing he now agrees to wear without a Kung-Fu fight is his Ben 10 costume. It's at this point he'll 'go Four Arms' yes, it gets messy!

In the few remaining moments that are not spent removing 'Bakugan' from my various canals, the good lady and I talk of the new arrival. He (the one temporarily know as Whitby) is now 29 weeks, growing fast and really making his presence known. I know this because I'm back picking everything up off the floor, carrying everything and like his older brother, he has a mean snap kick.

The little lad is currently enjoying Gromiti toys, Watching Quest, Storm Hawks and Johnny Test (in fact anything on Cartoon Network) and eating Omelettes for breakfast. He is looking forward very much to meeting his brother!

My, the concentration...


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