Can I have some ice with that! 
Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 05:26 AM
The hot humid blast furnace that is Summer is well and truly here. It all happened quite suddenly really with only a week from 'ok, I can live with this' to the now regular 'sod work, I'm off for a dip' Not sure the bank manager understands this ethos though!

The eldest is now free from the confines of daily nursery and is spending a week in Summer school. There appears to be no difference except that he can wear his own clothes and not the fascist uniform. This I think is the only change. They also swim and play water sports, although not sure what this entails. Drench the Teacher, soak the quiet girl or something I suppose.

Leave it to the Super Hero's to walk the dog!!

Louyn is happily chugging along. An excellent infant without the demands of his sibling. No interest in TV, only building and unravelling toilet rolls when given the opportunity. He also seems to be a darling of the Gharghur Mosquito community which has invoked a huge spend on systems to eliminate their presence. So far so good.

The Homesteaders...

The whole family is looking forward to a short break in the homeland. Whilst it demanded that I attend work, the good lady has plans for a fun filled trip. TheO can't wait to build a snowman eating a pizza despite our explanation that it won't be the same as last time (winter 09) I think that I will miss the deckchair terribly though!


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