Pretty tough for one, eh! 
Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 09:51 AM
The recent visit to the UK went well. The good lady completed her run round the park, a very excitable first born visited Legoland and the recent addition caught a virus halfway through the trip and moaned a lot! I managed to show face in an office that appeared sufficiently bemused at my very brief appearance, unsure if I was real or not. Must try harder!


Now back on the rock and hot! TheO missing the cooler British climate and his brief flirtations with his Cousin. After visiting the Science Museum, he has decided on a career as a scientist and has demanded that we set up his bedroom as a laboratory with test tubes 'and everything' We have ruled out any possible re-animations with dead things, steer him towards a career as an Alchemist!

Louyn now at 14 months and proving to be resilient to the world of viruses! Quickly recovering from a nasty cold, he has returned with a mischievous sense of humour, although I'm not sure I see the joke when dinner hits the deck with a humorous squeal and my nose gets pulled! He enjoys a good ruff 'n tumble with his older sibling who is unsure how to react with one so small! Donning his 'Lego' armour seems to be his only protection!!

hand over yer sweets Lou!


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