But I haven't even got a tan yet.... 
Monday, September 6, 2010, 07:46 AM
The end of August has signalled the end of Summer. This really only means that the're less tourists, that the tourist shops moan because there are less tourists but it's easier to get a sun-lounger on the beach!

Children are still not at school for another four weeks, Summer Clubs have had their closing shows. Distraught parents look harassed and worried at the prospect of entertaining their offspring for next few weeks. The beads of toil often confused with the result of high humidity. But it takes one to know one!

TheO has had an exceptional summer! Making significant progress in his swimming, even donning a mask with an excitable squeal to investigate the sea life! The local school summer club provided us a break and TheO with lessons in Karate and cooking amongst other stuff. An excellent diversion! It does however lay a precedent that will prove a tough act to follow!

TheO pretends his head is stuck!

Louyn Now at the year and quarter mark, is on the verge of walking. Standing upright at any opportunity and taking guided steps, it seems only imminent that he'll be racing round and accessing spaces that we had relaxed about. Despite not following his early pattern of rapid growth, his expansion seems more internal than in height, becoming formidably wriggly. Containing him for a 'change' has become like holding down Geoff Capes, if of course you ever wanted to try that!

A happy, smiling baby! rwt!!


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