Change as good as a rest! 
Friday, October 15, 2010, 08:54 AM
I'm now on a formal warning for my lack of posting updates. Both boys irate that friends and relations have been unable to share their progress! I for one have had better employers but hang on to the hope that these two don't call in the receivers!

TheO practices his 100 yard dash!

The passing time since entry below has seen the elder start back at school and the younger stand up (and even take a few steps, although it seems he just can't be arsed to walk) Both have visited Valencia, Spain for a short break. TheO was completely taken with animated, life-size Dinosaurs at the City of Arts and Science and the Aquarium, Sharks and all!!

TheO currently taken with The Last Airbender and Karate lessons, Louyn totally uninterested by the tube, preferring to hang onto a parent.

Louyn adopting a sitting aproach to walking!


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