I choose you! 
Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 04:57 AM
After five days of cloud and rain, I can't be sure, but I think that we're back into the good weather. Still a bit chilly in the shade wearing swimming trunks, but quite a lot like Spring! Both human products are in good health and nurturing satisfactorily. Cold, snot and phlegm free! Complacency breeds it's own surprises however so better get in a bottle of Calpol!

The only tube that's blocked

TheO continues with his Pokémon infatuation, happy to stay 'extended' at school to battle his contemporaries. "I had a great battle with Zac today daddy" he tells me. As I become concerned and search for wounds, I find that Totodile used his water attack to great effect. I put the tourniquet and hyperdermic away!

Louyn continues to delight. The age, the knowing looks and the ease in creating a giggle. He seems to understand most requests, but only manages a deep grunt in reply. Favourite TV is Charlie & Lola, Teletubbies and The Night Garden. At least they are all products of the BBC and don't have HP (health points) and special attacks!

Iced Up!


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