Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 08:58 AM
The air is full of constant chattering. Some understandable, some a mess of grunts and moans that possibly once recorded and played backwards, could bear a possible resemblance in content to the legible utterances. It's Easter. Forgoing the true meaning of one of the largest events in the Christian calendar, the main emphasis of recognisable dialogue is Tom & Jerry and the Easter egg that features the duo, available at the local supermarket. More than likely, the first born is after the contents whilst the recent addition wishes to consume the packaging and paste the inedible pulp over the TV screen. A favourite venture with Peanut Butter sandwiches.

There is also the time factor to consider. The end of term has brought with it the holidays, Hooray! A break from very early mornings, runs in the car, packed lunches and the eventual pickup. This available time has now been taken up with trying to amuse two motivated children whilst chipping sandwiches off the TV screen. Thus looking forward to the start of the next academic term for normality and routine. The good lady has taken a short respite to care for the boys and take them on days out, whilst I sheepishly attempt escape citing work issues!

TheO developing into a big boy and conversing to extremities. Has been immersed into the world of Hot Wheels and the cartoon series spin off, Battle Force 5. Whilst the Pokémon phase seems to have eased, it lurks still, waiting for to be kicked into life by the merest of references!

Louyn has developed a determined characteristic! Demanding Bo (milk) and shunning his smiley face potatoes, he fortunately has a liking for Broccoli and redecorating! Most content with a pile of books or an empty box!

Boys together!


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