Technological roundup! 
Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 07:57 AM
Trying to explain to the boys the recent downtime was met met with little sympathy. Issues that created a loss of blog visibility and service provider liquidations prompted only a bad joke about fruit smoothies and the instructions to sort it out, pronto! Protesting that the Super Highway is often besieged by Cowboys only complicated the matter but allowed a topical image to be thrown in.

Much has occurred since the post below. A weekend in Comino for Tennis, the demise of Coco the dog and the final moments of the Hyundai Accent (a VRT failure with the cost of necessary repairs exceeding vehicle value) I know that we will all miss the Accent, the squeaky wheel, the constant demand for Oil, the lack of any suspension that gave it 'low rider' character and of course the collective appearance of living in trailer!

Both boys functioning well with plenty of uptime. Playing together and creating havoc en-mass. TheO now into Hexbugs and Battle Strikers in a big way. Not sure if it's a good idea to feed these infatuations, but it keeps him busy. His current demand is that he is to be a champion Battle Striker and for this reason he must have the whole set. I'm currently on the lookout for something that is singularly unique and does not have anything to collect, add to or come in a series.

Louyn is almost on the verge of making legible sentences. Sounding like a drunk local, I fear great demands on the way. He seems to have characteristics from the good ladies side of the family. He can be quite bullish and when flare-ups occur on the playground, he is the first to wade in and sort out the five year olds. Perhaps a black suit and tie would complement TheO's apparent body guard! Till then, we have a plastic pump action shotgun and a lolly pop!

Local posse!


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