Avast my friends, Avast! 
Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 03:47 AM
Posted by Administrator
Don't be fooled. Grandparents and friends who say 'don't worry, they will forget all about it by morning' are clearly insane or have never had dealings with children. TheO's mental retention ability would make Dr Bruno Furst look like an amateur. The little lad asks the whereabouts of his 'Pete Pan Sword' almost every day. This was lost by the outlaws (who shall remain nameless) some three weeks ago. This may have something to do with his request to cut off Nana's head!! This whine is normally followed by an inquiry for his 'Ben 10 Watch' bought on Amazon, posted by 'Mum' from England, and has still not arrived. This was also three weeks ago.

As the summer draws to a close, we managed a boat trip round the islands. TheO managed to stay onboard and chew his friends prized Thomas the Tank Engine toys. This may well be another visit to the on-line store! Currently watching Kung Fu Panda, playing the Guitar and still creating a fuss when brushing his teeth!

Not very Pirate like, but on a gangplank aaarrr...
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