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Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 07:10 AM
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With a plane to the UK and the holidays fast approaching, questions of 'should I pack my Bikini' remain unanswered. I'm left fumbling around unsure what to do. Do I take the blue pill and wake up in my own bed or do I take the red pill and wake up with extreme sunburn on a beach far away from the strain of fiscal responsibility. 'NeO' seems to have made his own mind up already, talking of little else than meeting Kangaroo's and seeing his cousins. I try to show him pictures of wind, rain and financial catastrophe but the boy remains focused.

Somebody is packing, or is that packed...

Looking for some clarity, I hoped that it may be found in halls of academia. As the good lady graduated from BA to MA, I could really only think Quantas. The little lad was also somewhat distracted and chose to demand the toilet twice and a walk to the shops. This did little to shorten the ceremony or the fear of being on an aeroplane for 24 hrs with a ticking infant.

Creativity & Innovation

Being immersed into a large group of brainy people must have rubbed off on the little lad though. He has started chattering away, singing songs he learns at school in the bath! Structuring his requests, he recently asked from the back of the car "Daddy, can I ask you something?" After agreeing to listen further, there was then a demand for presents from Santa which read, 'Superman, Flash and Superman" I have decided to stop him watching any more programs about Santa!

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