Looking down under! 
Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 06:01 AM
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Apparently I have only a few days to shape up or ship out. The young man is unhappy that I have not posted his tales from an airport lounge or beach like a true modern 'blogger' would. Explanation from my side is futile!

Needless to say, we all made it to England where we we were finally coerced to take 'the' trip with an offer we couldn't refuse. London to Hong Kong (7 hour visit between flights) and onto Perth, with the young man dressed as Superman for most of it!

TheO managed to have a totally fantastic time! Meeting his cousins, uncles & aunts for the first time and even catching up with some old friends from 'The Rock' Turning 3 with a party in Kings Park gave the little man a day to remember and his daddy an excess luggage bill! (nearly)

The youngster adopted his new temporary country with relish, shouting at everyone 'Good Day Mate' whilst pointing to every Aussie flag he saw and shouting 'Stralia!
With Australia Day approaching, this became quite a frequent shout.

Hat upgrade to XXS

Four weeks of house sitting later, we took a trip to 'Rotto' and booked into the Rottnest Lodge Hotel. The Quokkas which make the island famous quickly became the little lads new friends, pointing them out whenever he spotted them. Like the Aussie flag, this also became very frequent!

Us 4 at Rottnest Island, with one in hiding...

With medical facilities all over the place, the good lady decided it would be a good opportunity to have a 5 month scan. This was to be the decider! Would there be a flurry of shopping activity for small pink dresses, Barbie's and a wedding fund? We wanted to know!

A little boy at 22 weeks!
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