It's not just me falling apart... 
Thursday, August 25, 2005, 01:00 PM
Despite everything, a successful trip. Isabel is now 19 weeks and I'm one step closer to AA.

I returned back having scrutinised all of the finest medical care available in Mata, from private water births to public earth births, no relatives allowed.

The latter sounded like the most ideal, and what more, the state hospital is gratis. This option does not sit well with the good lady however who has pointed out the lack of room service, infact the lack of a room (only a shared ward), and the rather dilapidated condition of Malta General.

I suppose she does have a point. I can still see the aging building at the forefront of my nightmares. I've driven a dilating Isabel to the hospital, avoided potholes, sheep and boy racers. I enter the maternity unit and trip over a stray limb from some poor unfortunate. The entire building falls down around me. I'm left to go and buy a tin of paint, in eggshell, and perhaps some bricks… then I wake up. mmm.

Also, as I'm sure you can imagine, Albert Roux is not responsible for the catering or the stocking of the mini bar. I've missed aromas like that since primary school, thankfully!

Baby is due 17/01-2006 and it will most likely arrive here at Saint James Hospital, Zabbar, Malta

A dilapidated building yesterday, not in Malta!!


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