A right proper splashing to be had! 
Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 04:51 AM
TheO's appointment with higher orders approaches. More worryingly, so too are some of the relatives, venturing to sunny St Paul's Bay for a few days respite as well as a christening. This has caused an outbreak of 'in-law hysteria' which can get quite serious if left unattended. Not one for being attentive, I am trying to sort everything out 'Condoleezza Rice' stylee but know a difficult scenario when encountered. I think we need more Gin for the occasion.

So to the little lad! He now shouts 'ciao bella' to anybody who will listen, and this is followed by blowing kisses. He must get this from the good lady, as he takes so long leaving a shop with all his goodbyes! Favourite film is now Cars. He always knows the bit when Mack nearly falls asleep!!

TheO adds some 'Roo Bars' for extra Truck effect CaChow!!


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