Waiter! this child is only point!! 
Friday, July 6, 2007, 08:58 AM
There really is only so much you can do with a little lad in this heat. This little lad possesses very sensitive skin and these temperatures will have him 'Bien Cuit' before he knows what it means. So early mornings and late afternoons TheO is let out to play. One of his favourite places, regrettably attached to a fast-food chain, is a plastic tower with slides. A few well placed matches and I think it could take care of the entire restaurant!

With an old chum over from the UK, TheO has been spoiled. Walks out have ensured that there is an extra pair of hands to catch him as he slides down over the precipice and into the flowerbed! However, as the good lady points out, old chums visiting = hangovers! How true.

TheO ponders the placement of his incendiary device!


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