Of Mice, Men and WooWoo's 
Monday, July 16, 2007, 10:40 AM
It's been a busy few days. The good lady has some family friends over and has gone into hectic entertaining mode since I refused to make Vol-Au-Vents for 20. Also, a trip back to the rain drenched homeland requires an element of planning, or so I'm told.

All of this and TheO developing a sense of humour that even I appreciate. The other night, the little lad in bed, I'm asked if I can smell burning..... Thinking it's maybe one of the youngsters pranks, I sniff round the residence. This is over quite quickly, and nothing found, not even a flammable plastic castle. The flat on the other side of the road however is not so lucky and has flames pouring out of the window. I go to investigate, awaken a few snoozing Maltesers and ensure the fire dept are on their way. "hey, Joe, Have you finished your tea?" is all I hear as they terminate the call. As the fire rages, a neighbour comments that it was the Air Conditioning that started it. I reply that perhaps they should have had it on cool. They look at me and walk away. No sense of humour.

Sadly, I forgot the Marshmallows and really long toasting fork!

TheO is progressing leaps & bounds. Vocabulary is improving with whole unintelligible phrases instead of just single words. He sings along to the Aristocrats, and I think, does indeed Want To Be A Cat. He is still, however still a WooWoo (dog) fan! Not sure if this is a good mix though!

One from the Beach!


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