The familiarity of wind & rain! 
Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 08:45 AM
It is good in many ways that people have started to cover up. Over extended protuberances caused by large amounts of lager and little exercise, are now disguised by ill fitting sports attire. Ladies have hidden their tattoos of small fading devils and swallows with shell suits embellished by Elizabeth Duke gems!

TheO is also quite shocked. His loving parents have placed him in day care two days a week (and only for the mornings) He has established himself as the youngest boy in the class with the loudest voice. We thought this quite funny initially, however he now wakes at 6am and babbles loudly till 7.30am! He then gets out of his cot and wonders around, finding all those things left undone from the night before. This is an early bird on a mission of destruction! I am convinced that he isn't really naughty, just inventive and will eventually write a Galileo like thesis on why things bounce on tiled floors. Glass, China, PlayMobil - they all have their 'bounce' qualities.

like CHiPs but with a bit more plastic!!


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