Who killed Bambi? 
Sunday, November 18, 2007, 04:08 PM
Part of responsible parenting, I would guess, is deciphering what your 22 month terror is trying to tell you. I was quite concerned as the little chap ran around in circles, shouting some babble like a cat with a firework tied to it's tail. I have now found out that this is just a song from 'school' called 'I'm a Tomato' with TheO's interpretation of the accompanying movement routine. The benefits of a private education are obvious!

Time can now be calibrated by redundant items bought for TheO. Sleep suits that once dwarfed him, now make him look like an extra in a Wayne Sleep production. The good lady decided to get ruthless earlier this week and donate all unnecessary items to the local charity shop, but I protested that we may indeed find the missing 'bunny' sock. I am now looking at new and novel ways of storage.

Theo's recent advances include jumping into the swimming pool, playing Harmonica whilst standing on the coffee table and, of course, singing 'I'm a Tomato' in Greek (I think!) He has started to enjoy Sesame Street and particularly likes The Count (agh agh agh) and Bert & Ernie. Favourite film of the moment seems to be Bambi, although I have tried to explain the mush and sentimentality far exceeds the limits of human tolerance in this Disney classic. You know sometime I feel I'm just not getting through.

The little lad in possession of a loud Cardigan.


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