Two, that's also a magic number! 
Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 07:13 AM
TheO has entered the period of his terrible twos! Overnight he has become a 'Bi Terror Tot' We marked this milestone initially by dropping him at his school for the morning with a large birthday cake. This should keep his class happy! We picked him later to drop of the outlaws at the airport. TheO loves the wide open space of the departure lounge, the trolleys and waving at people just before they spend the next 12 hours cooped up in an economy seat worrying about DVT.

So with the babysitters gone, the good lady and I became very concerned!! Pushing thoughts of not having a night out for the next 39 days, we proceeded with TheO's birthday. He looked fantastically happy as he embarked on a 30 minute paper tearing frenzy! He loved all of his presents, but I think he enjoyed tearing the paper most of all.

TheO's Rat problem continued, apologies for the poor picture quality!

Having spent the last 10 days in England for the new year, Theo is going to really miss all his new friends, and particularly his UK Grandma who he calls Mum (copying his Dad!) The little lad managed to take in a lot of the London sights including the New Year Parade, and the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It was here we had hoped to introduce the young man to some snow, but what with this global warming thing, we may have to just show him the freezer!

TheO & Gladice hunt down some snow


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