Just love those Tiger feet! 
Sunday, May 25, 2008, 03:27 PM
A visit from 'Mum' has put the little lad into major hyper mode. The confused Grandmother brought her sister and sister's husband just to make up the numbers. The book called 'The Complete Guide To Uninvited Advice on Raising Children' has been dusted down, again, and re-read, again! Despite the recommendations for a two month stay in a work camp, and maybe some old school beatings, 'Mum' seems very fond of the young man.

The little lad is displaying signs of a dental vocation by examining the inside of the mouths closest to him. Pulling the jaws apart, the good ladies gold crown has been referred to as 'a nice job' and Daddies been told he should floss more. Grandpa would indeed be proud!!

Despite all the mayhem, the weather is now glorious, the boat is seaworthy, and the young man is conversing very well. He sound less like a tramp on Meth's and more like a Oxford Graduate, well, nearly… eh!

A painted Tiger face, but where are the Jetski keys….


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