Three little piggies 
Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 12:30 PM
It's 39 weeks and the good lady is fit to pop. With a rise in the temperature has come a dramatic rise in circumference. The as yet to be expelled seems to be very comfy, although there are strong signs that one long push is all that remains.

The constant complaints of Braxton Hicks 24/7 have left me confused. Is this it or is this not it. I have read up on how to deliver a child from 'in a shopping trolley' to 'in the back seat of a car' and hope that this will not be the way the 'numero duo' begins his time. Would protocol dictate that we have no other recourse but to name the child after some apect of the birthing event or surroundings? A lack of good timing at the local supermarket and we have little 'GS' or baby 'Cheese Counter' as a name.

The very idea of not even making it to a hospital and naming 'he once known as prawn boy' after a Korean automobile seems nightmarish. What would the Malta school bullies call little 'Accent' for short? All of a sudden the idea of 'Castor Oil' and other induction methods seems a good idea, just to be on the safe side. Multiple mothers with multiple children enjoy telling me that 'number two was SO much quicker. (u 2 lu!)

TheO totally oblivious to events other than to demand Chowder and a bowl of jelly!

TheO tries in vain to use the I'll huff and I'll puff inducing method!


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