Just sit still & look at me! 
Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 09:42 AM
The trouble with keeping an account of life with the recently expanded family is getting a good photograph. Louyn being so small just throws up as your pressing the shutter else TheO finds the right moment to go cross eyed. So that's my excuse for the lack of recent posts. (These action shots will be posted at a critical time of the offspring's development, thus maximising my revenge!) I should be used to such antics from small children, if it proves difficult to achieve, I'll just resort to amusing digital comps!

Little Louyn continues to completely oppose his older brother in many ways. He sleeps well, eats well and complains rarely. He bears a striking resemblance to his mother, a fact I'm reminded of on a daily basis by the outlaws. I thinks it's just they have been a little fraught that the older son has little in common with their genetic fingerprint, so to speak. "Don't worry, lightening can't strike twice..."

TheO has coped very well with the change in family life. The loud and constant screaming only lasted a few days and we have managed to find almost all the knives. DHL have also been advised that there are NO pick ups from our address. Louyn now at 6KG and 2 Months today! TheO mastering swimming underwater without armbands and impersonating Chowder!

Close, but no cigar!


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