Greetings form the laboratory. 
Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 07:12 AM
It's been a busy time. The first born has been beset with seasonal disorders that have reached well into the surrounding family members. The medical profession are of limited assistance, paid off for offering advice that my grandmother could better. Take these expensive and unnecessary life changing drugs and come back and see me in a week for some more! Happy Christmas!

TheO seems to have been prescribed four cans of Red Bull and bounces round the residence in an appropriate manner. His Anatomy and knowledge of germs and diseases has grown. He now knows that a tummy ache complaint might land him a days TV, but parking his breakfast on the backseat of the car will give him at least a week off! The two boys remain the best of pals, sharing their mutual doses of Gastroenteritis and colds. It's just a question of 'one down, one to go' The latest twist to this winning formula is now the grown ups get it, and harder!

With the Yule season approaching, preparations have been made to avoid the 'but that's three times the price it is in Argos' scenario. The English Grandparent ventured over with a suitcase and decorations, saving the price of the air ticket in first class. The good lady flies to London at the weekend to invest further in the toy industry, and quite possibly a distillery too. I'm told my time will come!

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