One small step for man... 
Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 09:47 AM
Things are only now starting to get back to normal. With so much time taken up with frantic activity, it's little wonder that frivolous musings get the back burner treatment. With visiting Australians, birthday parties, painting and filling of walls behind us, the carnival season has once again descended. Citing Neil Armstrong (who few seem to have heard of over here), TheO took advantage of his space suit and the party atmosphere (gravity free) to overdose on sugar and the carnival spirit. Louyn gurgled encouragement and demanded a bottle.

A typically damp time of the year, winter has so far turned out like a British summer. Sunshine and a bit of periodic rain. I think for a moment of the freezing temperatures across Europe, the thick snowfall over the UK and that maybe, with all the tribulation, it's worth it. I quickly rethink as the LPG runs out and the chap at the fruit and veg stall charges me double!

The boys continue to delight. TheO now demands a career as an astronaut, a claim which coincides with his recent understanding of space, the final frontier... He does however thoroughly fail to understand that the 'null-void' is not real and he can't send daddy there!

Louyn has started to find his voice, and now cackles with the best of them. Lost somewhere between sane, polite dialogue and grunting, he exercises his chords to the limit. Eating well and resembling the Michelin man, the good lady is concerned less he ends up a 'tubby'

Lou baby, I think we're lost...!


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