One box at a time... 
Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 10:12 AM
The blur that has now become my life is complicated further by, quite possibly, the worst moving in method ever created. I devised the 'slowly slowly' method back in London and implemented it here. It's rubbish and takes forever. There is also the quandary of chucking out all cheap plastic toys that have been collected for the last few years. Broken and made in China, it can be painful bringing the history to a close, although the soles of my feet applaud!!. The two boys have been little assistance, unpacking crates faster than I can fill them. The good lady insists that they need supervision whilst I pack, and watching a film with a nice cup of tea is the best method of doing this. I'm sure she has a point!

TheO now quite the young man. Insisting on a career as a Rock Star, he now shouts 'Rock n Roll' whilst attempting to Breakdance with hands giving a Rapper salute. I think Accountancy might be more his thing. The network no longer captivates his imagination, far more interested in puzzles and Bakaugan, and with the warmer weather, a healthy apperception of Tennis.

The last born has now almost recovered from being ill for the last six months. I forget what a germ factory being under a year can be. Latterly, there have been many visits to the quacking medical fraternity! Armed with a screaming child, they write a prescription for Panadol syrup. 'yes please take all my money, I'll see you again tomorrow!' And then there is the Pharmacist... The outlaws swear that to make money here, you need to open a Chemist shop. Sell cheap plastic toys too and you'll be well minted!! Hang on, I've got some of those...

The boys take a quick break from unpacking, alas before they have reached their destination...


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