Lou Two! 
Sunday, June 5, 2011, 08:00 AM
Louyn is Two! Marking this rather important milestone, a grand picnic was thrown at one of the local open parks, thus capitalizing on the good weather and wide open space. The event did however coincide with another large event, and thus Louyn's special day was supported by a kids area with slides, bouncy things and motorized farm animals that circulated a small enclosure. As this event was Earth Garden, there was obviously plenty of incense, jewelry and Shiva replica statues available for purchase. There was also lots, of like, really colorful things for sale and stuff. Ahem!

Louyn had a great day with lots of his friends to help him get through the mountains of Cup Cakes and other unhealthy fayre that toddlers love to indulge in! It did not however give him the inclination to smile for the camera, preferring to get stuck into a good cardboard box space station. Remarkable imagination or perhaps it wasn't a joss stick...

Two today!


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