Take it to the bridge... 
Monday, July 11, 2011, 06:01 AM
Summer is well and truly here. Tourists abound the streets and children run amuck as if they don't have school to attend, which of course they don't! That's why they invented Summer School! Three weeks should be time enough to enjoy swimming, walking and picking up stuff of the floor till the respite alleviates a gasping for quiet time! It's a fantastic time to enjoy all the island has to offer at this scorching period. The family has moved to the Qawra flat for a short 'pretend' holiday to be close to the sea and beaches, whilst attempting normal relations with work.

TheO has had massive adventures with a new inflatable boat! So large it barley fits into the car, the only option is to inflate at the beach. I am now verbally promised to six 'try dives' and a return visit to the gift shop to buy everything! My lungs act as compulsive negotiators! As the little lad falls off the side (of the boat) with mask and snorkel, mastered eventually, I am reminded of Cousteau. "Perhaps we name her Calypso" I remark. Too late, already under!

Louyn is inflating nicely despite his determined demand for a liquid diet! Whilst this could be a genetic demand, his is of a bovine variety. It seems to be problematic to get him to consume anything other than a liquid dairy derivative. However, close to talking, I'm sure he has requested I slip a scotch into his semi-skimmed! Such a determined and switched on chap. He is convinced that everything he says should be understood, looking at me with utter bewilderment, my face blank 'sorry, what was that?'

They were really having fun untill I requested a picture!


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