Not the best of ideas!!  
Monday, September 5, 2011, 11:20 AM
Amusing your children with mobile phone gadgetry can have serious implications on your airtime, phone usage, life and eventual happiness! This is no overstatement. The first born expressed an interest in the cartoon Spiderman, this led to the acquisition of a Spiderman Game for my Nokia N8. Big mistake! Ever since this 'bad move' I am constantly harassed for use of my communication devise, asked to 'help' at difficult levels and subject to reprimanding by the good lady for spoiling the potential grey matter in the developing child. It has also fueled a latent infatuation with the web spinning Super Hero to the extent that TheO now dresses as Spiderman most days, demanding anything spotted bearing the Marvel heroes image. Plates, posters, even Spiderman perfume. It wouldn't be so bad if the latest addition didn't also squeeze in a request for Pingu, an emergency calming measure to engage and distract from boredom when restaurant time was needed. I can now only use my phone as an alarm clock. This I hear most mornings ringing in TheO's room, despite having left it next to my bed. Mmmm!

Not even Angry Birds can distract the web slinger!

Louyn progresses and is on the cusp of intelligent speech with an array of words (almost) added daily to the vocabulary! Perhaps Pingu is not the best linguistic role model to introduce, but certainly we get a very definable 'Honk Honk' whenever the little chap is feeling mischievous. At the terrible two stage, he does have some moments, but no more than his big brother did, or perhaps has! Currently very much into mobile communication devices, hitting things with a stick, drawing on walls and feeding the Rabbit using the 'scatter seed' method. Also, it must be noted that he loves to have his picture taken, despite the London sultry look.

A relaxed Lou hanging out!


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