Back in the sunshine!! 
Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 05:21 PM
Back from a brief spell in the cold. Yet another great opportunity for the good lady to visit Oxford Street on what I am told is a necessary part of TheO's education, but I am sure we did Hamley's last time!! Anyway, the little lad had time to visit London Zoo and also go walking in the Peak District. His ramblling was not up to much however, and the young man had to be carried most of the way. 'Good old dad' still echoes in my ears! Can someone please recommend a Chiro!

One day Son, all of this will be yours, to walk up as much as you like!!

TheO is developing leaps & bounds. It is amazing to watch how quick he can pick something up. The outlaws have acquired a small desk for him to sit at and draw with a Crayon. He has however been spotted walking away from one of OUR walls with his felt tip pens!! He denies it all!!

Done one Starry Night, but we know who did it really…

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