Maybe long trousers it is then.... 
Friday, October 16, 2009, 06:00 AM
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The inevitable & final stages of the good weather cling on, despite the night time rain and occasional thunderstorm. The season of waking up at four in the morning to bring in the washing has started. Rather than clear skies, we have a partly cloudy one with a more bearable temperature. The influx of UK tourists confirm the greener grass, getting their tattoos sunburnt and missing the cooler weather back home!

Insisting on making the most of the diminishing season and warm waters, the good lady has insisted on visiting deserted beaches to catch the last throes of warm(ish) water and the space to swing a cat. The water is beautifully clean and clear with no trace of a factor 400 slick!

Louyn 'bears' the mild temperature out of the H20, different story in it...

The little (big) lad has started back at school. He was a little unsure where he was to start with, but has settled in with a new group of friends to traumatise! Oh, and his teachers are really, really fantastic!! The good lady appreciates the time released from visiting playgrounds and has now applied herself to her work, earning!! TheO still into GoGo's and now demanding 'treats'! Even in the middle of the night, he'll wake & say 'Daddy, go and buy me a Gormiti' Ok, I just nip off to the shops after I've brought the washing in then. mmmm!

Another year, another uniform picture!
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