Laugh? I nearly cried! 
Friday, April 23, 2010, 09:42 AM
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Not really sure where ones sense of humour comes from. Is it a DNA thing, a carefully cultured and biological result emanating from years of careful stock selection? Or perhaps Darwin and his undiscovered theory on the survival of the 'funniest' has a more erudite explanation. What is for sure is that the most recently born has it in abundance. It's not that he tells a good joke, he's 11 months and coherent dialogue is difficult, but the deliberate 'naughtiness' that he is aware of and practices with a grin. Pair with this a laugh that would make dirty old men cry, and you have an idea of what we have produced.

The joy of the joyrider...

The obvious attention that a wee bairn of this age attracts has caused some hidden rivalry. The prodigal son demands everything possible. He also wants to be carried, like his brother, fed, like his brother but stops short when we show him a nappy (thanks be...) Despite the efforts to be centre stage, the little lad had proved himself a fantastic elder brother, baby entertainer and dressing distracter! (nothing has the equivalent power of a wriggling baby)

A rare breakfast time shot.

The plan for the last three weeks is to move, finally, to the new residence! Sick children, sick parents and a slight lack of adventure have all delayed things! However moving 90% of all our possessions has proved to be the real incentive. Hanging onto creature comforts, the good lady complains the house has no Internet, the children complain of no Digital TV and I complain of no sleep. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow! But GO say 3 - 4 weeks!
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