Sittin Up 
Sunday, July 9, 2006, 08:11 PM

TheO sits, but not in his car seat and not on the balcony... but at six months!!
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Malta 5 England 0 
Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 12:14 PM
'It seems to be getting hotter, even hotter than it was yesterday!' I am starting to say this to myself on a daily basis now. The air conditioning in the car has still to be fixed and i've lost my sense of humour. Franco, the AC man who is attempting to fix it, just shrugs his shoulders at me, I turn away as a full face 'ha' has now started to get me down.

Last weekend we had a 'family' holiday to Sicily where you can buy Heinz Ketchup without a problem. The good lady and I had been married 5 years on the 9th June and TheO shared the same same day with his 5th month birthday, strange coincidence! We did some driving around and TheO managed to visit all the major sights without any 'Etna' like explosions, except at the expected hours of course. We also experienced the rain here, it's torrential and unrelenting. It does not however create any caution when driving a car.

So safe and sound back in Malta where everyone is an England fan. The World Cup kicked off, and with each England game, there was a serious case of ' Carcading' This involves the intelligentsia of Malta driving worse than normal through busy small streets with horns on and the Union Jack blowing (I thought England was playing?) TheO just takes it all in his stride. During the Sweeden game, a Maltese/ England fan evacuated his air horn, unlike his daddy, TheO just smiled. How patient.

A patient TheO at 5 months, exploding only after mealtimes..

A local fan, in a Lorry, driving through busy streets with his horn blowing. Safe!
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Guess who's back 
Tuesday, May 30, 2006, 11:14 AM
After a whirlwind tour of 'back home' we have returned to a Malta heatwave. temperatures in the 30's and the air conditioning in the car bust. The good lady has taken to wrapping the youngster in damp towels to keep his temperature stable, perhaps this is an early indication that he's going to be a pilot, or something.

It was thought that this whirlwind would be a disaster of screaming baby, no sleep, panic attacks when nearing Boots and colds all-round. But it was not to be. TheO had a fantastic time meeting people, laughing and looking at girls, and by this I mean he met a lot of his mummies pals!

We were only gone a few weeks yet TheO seems to have grown so much. He is now really smiley and laughs out loud a lot. Every day he seems to be different, just a little bit. We have taken to giving him a bottle at bedtime, this has ensured he sleeps really well, but, wow, what do they put in that stuff!!

TheO the Towel Head, back in temperatures of 30 degrees C
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To sleep, perchance to dream... 
Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 03:06 PM
This has been well explained to the young TheO. I'm not sure however, if he's quite ready for sensible reasoning as to the advantages of slumber. He just seems to have a fixed agenda, and if he can't have what he wants, he's going to wake the neighbors and tell them. The good lady is now in possession of a book that teaches you how to whisper instructions to your baby, I think that it's a bit like the one about the horses, so I'm looking forward to seeing the little lad take the fence at Becher's Brook, TOTE are giving me 5-1.

Summer is surely upon us with temperatures now in the 20's. The skies are fantastic, but the sea still a little nippy. It's just coming up to Easter so as well as a long weekend, we look forward to the festivals and other strange customs that are carried out here. On Friday, we may go and watch the locals, dressed up to look like members of the KKK, dragging heavy chains around the town by their feet. Not pleasant. Then on Sunday, they run up and down a hill carrying life size statues of various religious figures, and these things are heavy. I'll post a picture, but may stay in bed.

So with this fine weather, we are going to go back to England. Fortunately just for a few weeks. There are plans to visit the Lake District and meet up with Family, eat a lot of sausages and go to the pub, a lot!

It's better to travel, and THEN fall asleep, eh!

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60 secounds and counting 
Friday, March 24, 2006, 01:53 PM
I am told that the best advice should be taken by example, and thus I have taken TheO's example of Apnea. This is the art of breath holding, something he has proved adept at, particularly when in an uncomfortable situation. I have purchased some fins of a necessary length, vital in this sport, and am preparing myself to go 'Underwater on a single breath' as Umberto Pelizzari refers to it. The good lady remarked I should stay there. Her sense of humour is really improving, despite informing me that most of what I do and say is 'really NOT funny”

TheO is now 12 weeks old. He has started to smile and giggle, proving that I can make someone laugh at least. He seems to be slipping into a routine, although this does involve much pandering to his every need, I think this is the real reason I have taken to the exploring the sea-bed.

TheO prior to entering HIS sea bed, or should that be cot?
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last one in's a..... 
Friday, March 10, 2006, 03:03 PM
I really don't get it. We left England some time ago, way back in September, just as all the old people started to complain of the encroaching winter. I would meet them in the street, five jumpers and a M&S cardigan, shivering and filling out forms for extra coal or something. Some fly here to Malta and avoid the English winter totally. It's cheap and the temperature rarely drops belown10°C, or thereabouts. To my amazement, I saw about a dozen OAP's swimming in the sea. No wetsuits, no Lard and no Cardigans. This got me thinking. Isn't it always the more mature that break the ice and swim in the Serpentine? This would be hazardous enough, but in the middle of winter? So what is it. Hot, Cold or not sure? I'm not chicken, but I think I'll wait a while before I take a dunk!

TheO is developing well. His lungs at the moment are his best assets, able to complete a 40 second winge in one breath. He is also able to smile for a similar length of time. Cuts you right to 'art it does! He has become very aware of his surroundings and bright objects around him (like his mum!) and I swear he says “Hello' to me. Stares me right in the eyes and say's it. I found that singing him the “Hokey Cokey” is the best way to calm him down, putting his left leg in, his left leg out, seems to take his mind of things. Overall, things are progressing very well, but I do miss a good night down the local, eh!

Smile, and the world smiles with you!

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