Who killed Bambi? 
Sunday, November 18, 2007, 04:08 PM
Part of responsible parenting, I would guess, is deciphering what your 22 month terror is trying to tell you. I was quite concerned as the little chap ran around in circles, shouting some babble like a cat with a firework tied to it's tail. I have now found out that this is just a song from 'school' called 'I'm a Tomato' with TheO's interpretation of the accompanying movement routine. The benefits of a private education are obvious!

Time can now be calibrated by redundant items bought for TheO. Sleep suits that once dwarfed him, now make him look like an extra in a Wayne Sleep production. The good lady decided to get ruthless earlier this week and donate all unnecessary items to the local charity shop, but I protested that we may indeed find the missing 'bunny' sock. I am now looking at new and novel ways of storage.

Theo's recent advances include jumping into the swimming pool, playing Harmonica whilst standing on the coffee table and, of course, singing 'I'm a Tomato' in Greek (I think!) He has started to enjoy Sesame Street and particularly likes The Count (agh agh agh) and Bert & Ernie. Favourite film of the moment seems to be Bambi, although I have tried to explain the mush and sentimentality far exceeds the limits of human tolerance in this Disney classic. You know sometime I feel I'm just not getting through.

The little lad in possession of a loud Cardigan.
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First day at school, and now it's half term! 
Thursday, November 1, 2007, 09:23 AM
The good lady keeps talking about TheO being at school. He has a school uniform and a school bag for his wet-wipes & sandwiches. I think he quite likes attending but don't see much in the way of Algebra, Latin or even Geography. I am told this is because his vocabulary is not yet tri-lingual. Who are they trying to kid eh?! I initially thought it a bonus to take him to school in the mornings and meet all the other young mums, however the better half informed me that the loss of important equipment would leave TheO without brothers or sisters. I think she was talking about the climbing frame...

None of this has kept the little lad from growing more, speaking more, and developing into quite a handful. He really is a very determined young man, with a great sense of humour. His jokes are a little hard to swallow after he has head butted you the first time, but we think this is just a phase! Currently watching Rugrats. He is now in possession of a full set of teeth, we can't wait to see what he does with them!

First day at school

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The familiarity of wind & rain! 
Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 08:45 AM
It is good in many ways that people have started to cover up. Over extended protuberances caused by large amounts of lager and little exercise, are now disguised by ill fitting sports attire. Ladies have hidden their tattoos of small fading devils and swallows with shell suits embellished by Elizabeth Duke gems!

TheO is also quite shocked. His loving parents have placed him in day care two days a week (and only for the mornings) He has established himself as the youngest boy in the class with the loudest voice. We thought this quite funny initially, however he now wakes at 6am and babbles loudly till 7.30am! He then gets out of his cot and wonders around, finding all those things left undone from the night before. This is an early bird on a mission of destruction! I am convinced that he isn't really naughty, just inventive and will eventually write a Galileo like thesis on why things bounce on tiled floors. Glass, China, PlayMobil - they all have their 'bounce' qualities.

like CHiPs but with a bit more plastic!!
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Just watching the wheels.... 
Monday, October 1, 2007, 08:00 AM
Have now been back for just over 2 weeks. TheO took some time adjusting himself back into the temperature and the schedule. Not sure if he has been overjoyed about being back, but the chance to swim in pools and at the seaside have compensated a little. Fortunately, the little lad has also been distracted with some friends visiting from the UK. Peppa Pig is TheO's new favourite programe, he specially enjoys the oinks/snorts during the intro theme tune. He is also still very busy playing the 'over the edge' game with mummies sunglasses being the latest casualty. Fortunatley not the Oakleys!

TheO thinks of running off with the Circus!
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The Journey home! 
Thursday, September 20, 2007, 05:10 AM
As luck would have it, we stumbled into a nice Jeep Cherokee that was for sale with fairly low mileage. I wasn't sure quite how we would get it on the plane, but the good lady insisted we go to the shops, with all our bags packed. It was a long trip that took 9 days. They irony is they had run out of Stella.

TheO is obviously much more 'in the picture' than I!

The car performed wonderfully and super comfortable. From France, we entered Switzerland via Basel, and tackled the Alps. This was our preferred neck of the woods with beautiful towns, fantastic food and stunning scenery. We travelled through one of the longest tunnels in the world, the St. Gotthard Tunnel. We were sorry to leave! Passing down trough Italy with a number of stops, including a brief shopping trip to Florence. The good lady insisted!

The joy of designer shops!

Anyway, it was all going TOO well. I remarked that there had been zero incidents so far. Big mistake! Apart from nearly losing a room in the Hotel, settled after much heated discussion, the little lad decided to 'play' with daddies passport. This caused some problems at Malta immigration. With much apologising and blame on TheO, we are all back safe and sound, and really without any major problems, mmmm!

TheO ponders the whereabouts of daddies important documents....
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The big B'mer blowout! 
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 09:40 AM
As the title suggests, the great white BMW is no more. The head gasket blew on the way to Lincoln to see a good chum! He sold me the car so it seemed only natural to try and get my money back. The little lad had no comment other than to indicate to me that I was a twat for doing a ton in it.

As plans are made to upgrade the transport and leave before the end of summer, we have managed to leave everything to the last moment. Many friends are left unseen with poor promises of 'yeah, defiantly Friday' fresh on the lips. TheO has had a great time meeting people and making new friends only for his Ma & Pa to wisk him away to some Island in the Mediterranean before he can 'borrow that toy'

Next week looks like the most probable departure date. I have made a point of obtaining a copy of National Lampoons European Vacation for the good lady to view, hopefully it will contain good advice on travel plans!

A nervous glance to confirm lolly ownership!
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