The big B'mer blowout! 
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 09:40 AM
As the title suggests, the great white BMW is no more. The head gasket blew on the way to Lincoln to see a good chum! He sold me the car so it seemed only natural to try and get my money back. The little lad had no comment other than to indicate to me that I was a twat for doing a ton in it.

As plans are made to upgrade the transport and leave before the end of summer, we have managed to leave everything to the last moment. Many friends are left unseen with poor promises of 'yeah, defiantly Friday' fresh on the lips. TheO has had a great time meeting people and making new friends only for his Ma & Pa to wisk him away to some Island in the Mediterranean before he can 'borrow that toy'

Next week looks like the most probable departure date. I have made a point of obtaining a copy of National Lampoons European Vacation for the good lady to view, hopefully it will contain good advice on travel plans!

A nervous glance to confirm lolly ownership!
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Two pints of Lager and a Pasty! 
Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 07:23 AM
Time is speeding by so quickly, half the things set out to achieve lie unattended and the mission of buying a car seems to be an unattainable task. There goes the European vacation complete with small child screaming. Nevermind! We tested the little lads mettle with a trip to St Ives in Cornwall. We are now acquainted with all service stations and lay-bys available on the A303 & A30!!

We are used to the rain in St Ives having been a break location with good friends for some time. This occassion was very different. No rain, no storms, hurricanes or flooding. TheO loved the beach but looked puzzled as to why the sea was SO cold! Much of his time was spent finding shells and developing a taste for chips. The journey back was fraught with the same fun and games, however this time it was not an overheating infant, but the car that went ON the boil!!

TheO admires some Cornish stone work!
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This IS British Summertime, right? 
Friday, July 27, 2007, 11:53 AM
We have left behind the clear blue seas and skies and swapped all this for the swamps of the UK. Fortunately, Surrey is pretty much unscathed but in any case, TheO did have his water-wings. The moderate temperature here is a pleasant escape to the baking heat of Malta which has been in the 40's, this and I look like a school boy in shorts!

The little lad has been loving the change, although as blondes are more common here, I think he misses the attention from passers by who he normally greets with a wave and a “Ciao” He particularly enjoys his Grandma's garden which see's him racing around, picking fruit (too early) and attempting to climb trees.

We have all planned to be here for about three/ four weeks, after which we plan to drive back over Europe in a new(ish) car. This has to be the reason for bringing the water-wings!!

Somebody's been scrumping...
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Of Mice, Men and WooWoo's 
Monday, July 16, 2007, 10:40 AM
It's been a busy few days. The good lady has some family friends over and has gone into hectic entertaining mode since I refused to make Vol-Au-Vents for 20. Also, a trip back to the rain drenched homeland requires an element of planning, or so I'm told.

All of this and TheO developing a sense of humour that even I appreciate. The other night, the little lad in bed, I'm asked if I can smell burning..... Thinking it's maybe one of the youngsters pranks, I sniff round the residence. This is over quite quickly, and nothing found, not even a flammable plastic castle. The flat on the other side of the road however is not so lucky and has flames pouring out of the window. I go to investigate, awaken a few snoozing Maltesers and ensure the fire dept are on their way. "hey, Joe, Have you finished your tea?" is all I hear as they terminate the call. As the fire rages, a neighbour comments that it was the Air Conditioning that started it. I reply that perhaps they should have had it on cool. They look at me and walk away. No sense of humour.

Sadly, I forgot the Marshmallows and really long toasting fork!

TheO is progressing leaps & bounds. Vocabulary is improving with whole unintelligible phrases instead of just single words. He sings along to the Aristocrats, and I think, does indeed Want To Be A Cat. He is still, however still a WooWoo (dog) fan! Not sure if this is a good mix though!

One from the Beach!
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Waiter! this child is only à point!! 
Friday, July 6, 2007, 08:58 AM
There really is only so much you can do with a little lad in this heat. This little lad possesses very sensitive skin and these temperatures will have him 'Bien Cuit' before he knows what it means. So early mornings and late afternoons TheO is let out to play. One of his favourite places, regrettably attached to a fast-food chain, is a plastic tower with slides. A few well placed matches and I think it could take care of the entire restaurant!

With an old chum over from the UK, TheO has been spoiled. Walks out have ensured that there is an extra pair of hands to catch him as he slides down over the precipice and into the flowerbed! However, as the good lady points out, old chums visiting = hangovers! How true.

TheO ponders the placement of his incendiary device!
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The Kids Alright.... 
Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 09:01 AM
The last weekend of June has zipped past, alas too far away from the muddy fields of Somerset to attend the recent music festival held there. The good lady and I had attended the event back in 2005 when TheO was just a 15 week speck. It rained then too. And when we went the year before. The little lad celebrated the occasion with Poncho and 'Lightning McQueen' camping chair on the beach. No rain. No dubious toilets (not that he would need these) & no live bands. I was however fondly reminded of that long struggle to find a spot, this time weighed down with everything from multicoloured umbrellas to spare flippers!! Don't you just love the summer...

What do you mean The Who aren't coming? what kinda gig is this...
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