Parrots and Pastures 
Friday, April 25, 2008, 09:27 AM
With the rise in temperature, the little lad has activated his repetition module. He is now able to comply when asked to 'repeat after me' This is a fantastic development with new words abounding. The only downside to this is a developing Maltese accent. Father becomes 'Fardeeerr' and even his name has changed to 'TaO' A Maltese accent can best be described as follows:

1. Anything shouted loudly.
2. Eh! placed at the beginning/ middle/ end of every sentence.
3. The word 'Madonna' used throughout every sentence.
4. Sounding like you're Welsh.

If this were to be put in to some context, the young man might one morning ask (shouting loudly) 'Eh, Muddeeer, Cherio's Madonna, Eh!' This may be finished with 'Boyo' to finalise the flavour. I digress.

The young man is still fixated with his hat from Australia. It's the first thing he asks for in the morning and he won't go to sleep without it. He looks forward to horse riding on Saturday mornings and the beach in the afternoon. Currently watching Shrek 1 & 2 and The Lion King.

TheO shows me his finger, right, no sweets for a month!!
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Down on the farm! 
Thursday, April 10, 2008, 02:57 PM
The past couple of weeks have been tricky. TheO has been off school on holiday, whilst the good lady has been up to her neck in paper work for her final thesis. Trying times. Thanks to patience and the outlaws, I managed to get a few beers in, but it was very close.

Normality has returned and education has again gripped the little lad for the Summer term. The hallowed halls of academia this week, had him visiting a farm. The build up to this visit consisted of demands for a horse, chicken sounds and bits of Old MacDonald sung really badly. He was, apparently, the only child to embrace the Donkey ride with gusto, refusing to hand back his riding hat at the end of his turn, possibly convinced he could get a few euros for it.

The temperature has started to pick up again after a few weeks of dull weather. With some time now available, the good lady has made beach plans for TheO and work plans for me. The young man currently besotted with Horses, Dinosaurs, Lions and Zebras. Current viewing includes Madagascar and vintage Sesame Street, Cookie Monster provoking a fit of hysterics every time.

The little lad tries to smuggle out a monochromatic friend!
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Easter Bobbits! 
Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 06:07 AM
Another Easter is upon us. This is a sombre time of year and, as detailed in
previous entries, one that would more than likely, traumatise TheO
indefinitely if he were to see the lengths committed individuals will go to,
to attain an answered prayer.

Rather than attend these events, we have taken the little lad deep into the
country side to witness the advent of Spring. It's a beautiful sight to
witness a croaking frog, the lush flora, the small streams of H20, and the
discarded bricks and broken tiles from a recent conversion. I just do not
understand fly-tipping in beauty spots.

The young man out for a stroll, kind of...

The little lad is indifferent to the local laws when it comes to dumping,
although at his age, it's a common problem. He made do with collecting some
small, brightly coloured wild flowers on Malta's endangered list, and
prodding a local Frog, rough questioning about the discarded rubble perhaps.

Bank Holiday Monday saw a local pageant with free un-supervised bounces on
the bouncy castle and a fairground ride from the (early) 50's The little lad
of course was one of the best customers!

All the fun of the fairground accident!

TheO's current obsessions are Toy Story 1&2, Bobbits (Rabbits), Dinosaurs and some sort of ninja movements, really not sure where this comes from. Prize for trhe most original answer!
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So, that's three votes for sausages then? 
Monday, March 10, 2008, 05:49 AM
With the world following the American elections, much of the political spotlight is well away from the Malta elections. Nationalist? Labour? perhaps the Alternative Democrats? Take your pick! The electorate have been swayed with after party raves, free transport and possibly some small plastic toys. Corruption is a very big issue within this election with mass accusations across all parties. Everyone however expects it and it seems to be accepted as a normal part of politics.

Some locals with a local type of flag.

Whoever wins, I'm told there will be a frenzy of Car Cading, like no other. If I had thought the England world cup matches were extreme, I was told to wait for 'El Grando' This merrymaking by the winning party will close schools, shops and businesses for the entire day, possibly longer. TheO is oblivious to all this with just a focus on woo woo's, kat's and horses, ye ha.

The little lad currently enjoys the film 'High School Musical' and very much wants to get HIS head in the game as he throws his half size basket ball around the residence. And just as we had said good-bye to the bubble wrap too!

Counting Day finds TheO at the 'Seafood Market', hoping to find some fishy policies!

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Toying with Southfork! 
Monday, February 25, 2008, 04:39 AM
Since the the return of the outlaws, I had very much hoped that things would return to normal. TheO was a very lucky lad and showered with gifts from the relatives down under. His favourite has to be the 'Bushman/ Stockman' hat. This and a recent interest in the film 'Toy Story' has created a living 'Woody' This has fuelled his equine interest so much that he rides Playmobile horses whilst shouting 'Ye Ha' loudly. He also insists on retiring at night with his hobby Camel (like a horse, but uniquely, a Camel) I am currently trying to teach him to hum the Dallas theme tune and invest in Oil, all this whilst I nurse a black eye.

The little lad is still growing at an alarming rate, out growing recent purchases. Diction is fantastic too, managing to string words into sentences. He now says 'go away' and I totally understand. A recent report arrived from his school telling us he is an excellent student, excelling in singing, and 'looking after his things' JR Ewing would proud!!

Get me some CoCo-Pops Miss Ellie....
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Not even Notting Hill! 
Thursday, February 7, 2008, 07:23 AM
Since the new year, Malta has taken on the Euro. Consequently all things have rather strange prices. Things in the one lire shop are now 2.33. The eat as much as you like deal for a fiver is now eat as much as you like for 11.64 which doesn't really sound right. You also get a mass of change back of course. Splitting a tenner has implications of sub-particles by the million, and dont forget to bring a wheel barrow for all the one cent coins that you'll never use.

Another laugh has been the Malta Carnival. I thought I had missed it this year, but the good lady ensured TheO got the full 'dose' and I was at least dragged in at for the last moments. The little lad had a fantastic time!! Jumping, jumping and more jumping. He couldn't get enough. With all his energy, he managed to attract the attention of some of the float dancers, who, I'm sure, also fancied a jump. ahem.

The young mans favourite outfit was an American Indian costume. I thought he would favour the pirate outfit, a daddy thing, but he obviously prefers being on the warpath, just like his mother!

TheO's attempt at 'giving it some'
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